Game Development

I have primarily delved into the wares of the Source Engine (Valve), and the program known as unity for my game development adventures.
Whilst not having completely finished a game, many different trials and experiments have been created and showcased within unity. This shows my ability to link code to models, however it also shows the need for further education within game development as my progress has been primative so far.
Below you can find some annotated examples:

Run(2019) is an atmospheric first person horror game stylised in a low-poly format. It was never finished and released but a substantial amount of progress was made with custom pixelated textures and props.

This untitled project used a modification system similar in games such as Escape from Tarkov and the new Beta of Battlefield 2041 by Dice Games. It was only developed enough that parts were modeled in blender and a creative attachment system was made.