Quite a few video game modifications have been created, showing my progression of learning to script and model and apply them together.
Primarily the source engine has been used, however, ingame and external tools such as HLMV.exe (Internal), VPK.exe (Internal), VtfEdit (External) and crowbar (External).
Below you can find some examples and links to the external tools.

Team Fortress 2 mods:

The Cannibalistic Calories!

The sandvich, a team fortress 2 classic. However, just like in world war 2, rations can become rare... These bodies are sure piling up and seem quite scunchous...

Framed Murder!

Parents make you take useless photos all the time? Got an overwhelming amount of framed photos? Time to be a little mischievious i say. (Warning, beware of sharp edges).

Counter-Strike: Source mods:

M24 Rifle

Who gives a damn about the AWP? That old trash has been here since the dinosaurs. Replace it with a sleek and sharp M24 Rifle, complete with a dark bark finish.

Flamin' Blue

Tired of the default knife? Like cool knives instead and flames? Why not try the classic Balisong Knife that has a blue camouflage pattern and a sick as hell printed flame along the blade.


An unfishinised railgun model that was going to replace the awp. Emmsive lighting was .